Our products

The following items are the products of utmost quality which we are offering to our clients.

Exterior Shutters

This is the simplest and most stable protection entirely built by aluminum. It offers protection from the sun, noise. outside looks, and increases the overall insulation value of the building. The exterior shutters have lifetime endurance and require no maintenance. The shutters open outwards, can be folding or sliding on the facade, and are ideal for renovations increasing the overall value of the building.

Aluminum Rolling Shutters

For weather protection and for safety, durable aluminum finish. When protection from the sun comes as an afterthought, Aluminum Rolling Shutters are an ideal addition. This way, you not only achieve protection from the sun, but also benefit higher safety and isolation from extreme temperatures and noise. Once installed, they occupy only a small portion of window's area. The installation can be performed on any kind of facade. This product can be controlled through an electrical engine or manually with a 'telescope'.

Insect Screens

Flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and other insects as well as reptiles make our lives uncomfortable during hot summer months. These uninvited guests often ruin our night's sleep. Our screens with fixed frames or rolling ones, can placed from the outside or from the inside on any kinds of doors and windows. With these screens you can enjoy the summer with open doors and windows.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds VZ 90

For sun and heat protection, this is your optimal solution with many advantages. It is easy to use and allows gradual light adjustment at any degree, or complete darkening of your interior. Convenient for private buildings as well as for schools, offices, or any other places where there is a need for sunlight, outdoor heat for a certain amount of time. This product can also be utilized as аеsthetic addition to buildings.

Retractable Arm Awnings

Who doesn't need a shade when there is scorching sun? We have many varieties of Awnings. Mост of the awnings are in a closed-box position - protected by the winds and the dust. Because of this, even after many years of use, they look like brand new ones. This product offers sun and weather protection in every imaginable situations. They can be in a form of a Retractable Folding Arm Awnings, Telescope Arm, Cassette Awnings, or Self-standing Awnings.

Vertical Awnings

Protection from the sun and unwanted looks. Convenient for large size windows, and as a decorating element in facades. The mechanics of this product can be either a chrome "Sail Sliding Mechanism" or "Aluminum Rails" with or without a frame. The achrylic cloth comes in a large palette of colors you can choose from.

Retractable Roof Awnings / Pergola

Nowadays it is fashionable to expand our living spaces. For restaurants, terraces and outdoor areas, we offer textile finished protection, supported by aluminum frames. These awnings enable weather protection to areas with electrical wirings, restaurants, and can be adjusted according to your needs. They offer sun protection without impeding the interior lighting, enabling creation of a pleasant atmosphere for you and your customers.