Retractable Arm Awnings

Who doesn’t need a shade when there is scorching sun? We have many varieties of Awnings. Mост of the awnings are in a closed-box position – protected by the winds and the dust. Because of this, even after many years of use, they look like brand new ones. This product offers sun and weather protection in every imaginable situations. They can be in a form of a Retractable Folding Arm Awnings, Teleskope Arm, Cassete Awnings, or Self-standing Awnings.

You, the customer, can choose the looks, color, size, mechanics, etc. Whether you need one for your balcony, the entrance, or above your store’s windows with a company name or logo painted on it, we can get it done. Choose one from a variety our models and contact us. We produce custom made Awnings as well. Retractable Arm Awnings can be controled automatically with a electric engine or manually by hand rotation.